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Joseph O’Hayon

Hi, my name is Joseph O’Hayon with Combo Kitchen. I’m reaching out to you because I’m actively recruiting restaurants in your region to join the Combo Kitchen Network and you’re one of 6 restaurants we’ve selected to join the Combo Kitchen Network. Combo Kitchen is a unique franchise system that allows an entrepreneur to invest in a ghost kitchen and operate multiple restaurant brands selected from The Combo Kitchen Network, which includes the top restaurant brands in the country. By getting listed in our network, you have the opportunity to receive weekly royalties from our franchisees who incorporate your brand into their kitchen. You can now grow your brand through our unique franchising opportunity without having to invest the resources needed to develop your concept into a traditional franchise system. To learn more about this unique opportunity please schedule an introductory call with me whenever your time permits by clicking on the following live calendar link: I loo

Richard A Frye

Buffett is to small to charge $26 food is cold old and burnt I gave it another chance after 11 months and I won't be back I ate half a plate and have used the restroom 3 times sence I left ur business I feel sick to my stomach

Jennifer Hanson

Hello, Our company, Photo Fraction would like to partner with your business and has a win/win opportunity, this will help you earn more money, have more customers at your location and have no financial risk! What is Photo Fraction? Photo Fraction allows anyone to create your Own Custom DIY Lego style Mosaic Portrait from YOUR OWN PHOTO. What is the partnership opportunity we are proposing? Host Photo Fraction Events at your business location. Learn More: https://photofraction.com/events/ 1. Simply pre-sell seats to the event. 2. The participant uploads the photo to PhotoFraction website. 3. PhotoFraction ships all your participants PhotoFraction kits(boards+intsructions+pieces) directly to your business atleast 2 days before event. 4. At the event you hand out each customers kit and they follow instructions to create an amazing piece of art! 5. Your Business earns money from each participant How much can you earn? Sell kits to customers for $45 (Suggested Pr

Hank Arnold

I love this restaurant the people make you feel like family after is a family that runs it mother father daughter and son. I would go back as soon as they open but they again enjoy the place it's very happy I'm very nice people. I just want to say thank you to them.